Friday, March 7, 2014

The New York Times Travel Show Field Trip

Saturday March 1st marked the Jersey City Youth Corps trip to the New York Times Travel Show. Students were challenged to learn about different countries across the globe for general knowledge as well as gathering information for our new "Wonders Of The World" exhibit. This project is currently in development at the Jersey City Youth Corps work-site, Jersey Explorer Children's Museum. After a quick lunch stop in NYC, the team arrived at Jacob Javits Center for an engrossing two hours of entertainment and education.

Quick pre-briefing with students/staff on what to expect inside the travel show.
 Students/staff pose for quick picture before they get inside.
 Students/staff pose with the Zambia Tourism Board. Zambia is located in the continent of Africa.
 Students/staff in front of Sea World exhibit.

Here are some of the student reactions regarding the travel show.

Jamal: "It's definitely something you should experience at least once in your lifetime.You learn a lot of things. A lot of culture."

Ryan: "You get to see a lot of different places that not a lot of TV shows or news stations talk about. You get to see the culture and how nice it is over there and whether you would like to go there or not. It opens your mind to a lot."

Steven: "I came in and it looked very interesting. The more I got into the exhibits, the more I learned about what was going on. You learn about all these places that people don't really know about. There are familiar countries, but they are also these small countries that are actually very interesting."

Chris: "It was pretty fun, we got to win some prizes - but you still get to learn."

Kennay: "I had fun, I liked touring the different places. Thailand, Japan - that was real cool and fun."

Stephanie: "I liked the different types of countries. There were many different cultures and environments. They cook differently and have different clothing and stuff. It was good just to get out of Jersey City."